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Anomalie & Chromeo – Bend the Rules

One of my favorite producer/composers is back, and this time he brought a friend. “Bend the Rules,” like so many albums this year, was just way too short for me to have a great impression of. Obviously the addition of a vocal took me aback and at first threw me out of the album entirely. But the catchiness of the tunes and Anomalie’s incredible ability to just groove swooped me right back in. The lyrical content leaves much to be desired. But I appreciate that they sort of played with that knowledge and made the actual vocal contribution take a backseat to the musical core. Just as I was beginning to really appreciate how the combination functioned, the EP was over. Three songs really don’t allow room or time for someone to dig into the music and feel a connection. But it was a decent effort that I’m willing to hear again to get more of a grip on to.


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