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Conway the Machine – King to A GOD

Now this right here! THIS is hip hop! If you had any question. If you had no idea what it meant to rap…. Conway the Machine isn’t new on the scene, having dropped several mixtapes. But this is his official debut, and let me tell you, any of these new kids you thought was the best… Nah. Conway is in a different league. This is “Blank Face” on crack! clipping.’s “Addiction to Blood” without the drama, more promise behind the words. I could do without the unnecessary misogynoir. (Because do we really need more talented brothas informing the world they could care less about black women? That while they’re conquests, they’re the last-place trophy?) That being said, the pure crispness of the lyricism and preciseness of the delivery is just scary. I mean, some of these bars are just mean. And I LIVE for it!



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