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Crush – with HER

A+ for concept. C for execution. Which is saying a lot when it comes to one of my absolute favorite artists from South Korea. In fact, putting it this low on the list physically hurts. Here’s my issue. With the lineup of female duets on this album, I expected something monumental. Something that would really shatter the mold when it came to pure R&B concept albums in Korea. Call me crazy for setting such a high bar, but when you have the likes of Leehi and Queen T herself on the album, how can you not expect greatness? I did, and it wasn’t. The problem is the music was basic (for Crush that’s definitely no small feat) and the duets were lackluster. Again, with the focal talent, quite an accomplishment. The singing was soft, uninspired and just left me feeling… nothing. Perhaps the low rating is more because of how utterly disappointed I was. But at the end of the day, this is still Crush. Considering the roster on this EP, it’s still a quality piece of music. Just because my standard when it comes to the enigmatic artist is sky high doesn’t make this a bad album by any stretch of the imagination.



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