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G Yamazawa – Thinkpeace

Another instance in which both releases from an artist made it quite high on my list. Ultimately I picked “Thinkpeace” over “Durham vs. Everybody” because the sheer gutter of this album appealed to a very primal and aggressive part of me that was ever present in 2020. How about when he said the first three words I was already SHOOK! Straight-up felt like I was being slapped in the face for absolutely no reason. This North Cack dude spits bars like he’s breathing. It’s too easy for him. Everything he says has purpose, intention. He doesn’t write anything if it doesn’t have something deeper for you to unpack. An easygoing flow with one of the most severe pens in the game. G needs more attention, though as a Carolina chick myself, I can’t help but want to keep him for the South.


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