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Hyukoh - through love

An utterly gorgeous album that sees the band tapping into something more primal in their sound. “through love” is earthier. More steeped in the roots of their genre--namely psychedelic pop-rock. It strips away much of the pretty sleekness of the 20s series and gives us music that’s gritty, honest, moody. All without losing any of the atmospheric wistfulness of songs like “Mer” and “Gondry.” “Birth,” by the way, is an absolute revelation. There aren’t many bands in Korea who are prone to a good old-fashioned jam. Letting the music exist and breathe for as long as it dares to. In this case a blissful 8 minutes and 45 seconds. Oh Hyuk’s voice throughout is wispy, a puff of smoke that’s thick and dense but is just a precursor to the actual fire of the band itself. I dare say this is their best release yet.


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