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Joe Hertz – Current Blues

What can I say? I’m a sucker for deep house. Have been since I first heard the sound of it over 15 years ago. It just calls to me, no matter the overall quality. But good deep house? The kind that gets inside your heart and your bones and kneecaps? That is actually rare to come by. Heralded by venerable legends of the genre: Jay Denes, Miguel Migs. Joe Hertz brings the genre back to its true depth. House for 2020. Many of the vocalists, particularly the women, have the same childlike timbre and tone in their voices that all starts to run together, and quite frankly grates on the ears, but there are some truly inspired collaborations on here (Blue Lab Beats and Sophia, for instance). Yes, there are shades of the Naked Music I fell in love with, but it brings it into the most current decade. And I can only praise Hertz for that.


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