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Mac Miller – Circles

I knew before I even heard the first note I was going to be an emotional wreck. I met this kid on the cusp of his becoming a known name. At that time, he was just Mac visiting friends in Pittsburgh, opening for my friends in a hip-hop collective called the Soul Vibe at a small joint us UPitt students frequented. All I knew then and all I know now is the kid was absolutely gifted. His passing tore me to pieces because he was just the sweetest, gentlest human being. With this posthumous release, we get even more proof of his brilliance and why he will continue to be a presence in the souls of so many people. Musically it’s as magical as anything he ever released. An emotional core that pervaded all of his albums runs a red line through this one. Thick, strong and powerful. Despite the deep sadness in him, Mac has always created triumphant music. He’ll be missed just as the ocean misses the moon. But in the end, it makes room for the sun to shine. Rest in Love, Peace and Power, Mac.



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