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Mokyo – accent fried

There are a few artist-led labels in South Korea that have fully embraced the freedom being truly independent offers. Though there isn’t much, one thing’s for sure, it allows them to create for the sake of creation. you.will.knovv has certainly leaned heavily in to the moniker. Granted, when you’re friends with one of the cofounders (and that friend just so happens to be DEAN), you’re not exactly hurting for the resources to fully explore what “creation” means. With that in mind, artist Mokyo took full advantage of the creative space to give us one of the most interesting albums to come out of the country. It’s dark, moody, has a taste of Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen in vocal tone. It’s honestly a mesmerizing piece of work that adds to the expansive musical vocabulary of South Korea once audiences move past the chintz of K-pop.


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