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REASON – New Beginnings

When Hermanito introduced me to Reason, it was by way of one of my favorite MCs, Rapsody. Track “I Can Make It” really was an astounding piece of music in both composition, lyrical ferocity and sheer gut-check. However, there’s a lot of album before we reach that point. And on first listen, I almost didn’t finish it. It takes a little while for REASON to rev up to something meaningful, to step out of the shadow of his TDE mentor Kendrick Lamar and come into his own as an MC. But when he finally does get there…? Hoo-boy! This is why he’s higher on the list than maybe a first listen or only a quick listen to the first few songs might allow. Because REASON is a fantastic and powerful MC. When he works himself up to it, he has a vulnerability, prowess and fearlessness that deserves more recognition and praise. He’s truly an MC to watch out for, and I’m excited for what the future brings for him if he continues to step out of the shadows and allow himself the sunlight he needs to grow.


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