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Camiele is a meticulous editor and a wonderful person to work with. She will find all the errors, but she also never hesitates to tell you when she loves something. I hate revising, but I actually look forward to receiving her editorial notes. She has been part of my editing team for three Dreamspinner Press novels: THREADBARE (08/2019), VICIOUS CIRCLE (re-release 01/2020), and PATCHWORK (04/2020). I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-- Elle E. Ire, Author

In the years that I've worked with Camiele White (Or Cy as everyone knows her), she has always been a treasure and a delight to interact with. Her professionalism is sublime and combined with her dedication to perfection and enthusiatic, cheerful personality makes the long slog of editing and fine-tuning a manuscript a great deal better. I can't speak highly enough of her work. She is very quick to learn an "author's voice" and writing styles, a skill very much needed when dealing with a variety of genres and the hard rules of a stylebook. Any writer should find having Cy as an editor to be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

-- Rhys Ford, Author

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I’ve worked with Camiele White for years now and have found her to be a highly skilled editor, conscientious, and easygoing. She’s also great at communicating with coworkers and authors, creating a solid and friendly teamwork atmosphere.

-- Dawn Johnson, Author

I was very pleased with Camiele’s editing services on my book, Parenting with Pleasure. The success of a good editor is to make corrections to the author’s text without changing the author’s voice, style, or intended message. Camiele provided grammatical soundness to my text and an even flow to the content. I am very appreciative of her editing work on my book to ensure that I was delivering a quality product to my readers. Thanks, Camiele!

-- Alcyon "Alli" Smalls, Author

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