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What are people saying about Cy?



Cy is a meticulous editor and a wonderful person to work with. She will find all the errors, but she also never hesitates to tell you when she loves something. I hate revising, but I actually look forward to receiving her editorial notes. She has been part of my editing team for multiple Dreamspinner Press novels including THREADBARE (08/2019), VICIOUS CIRCLE (re-release 01/2020), and PATCHWORK (04/2020). I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Elle E. Ire, Award-winning Science Fiction Author



Founded in January 2020, Madasa Media's mission is to ensure clients have the best product to present to their public.

We provide a variety of media-based services including:

  • Editing/Copyediting

  • Graphic Design

    • Book Interior Design (PDF)

    • eBook Creation (mobi/epub)

    • Newsletters & Flyers

    • Album Covers

  • Photo editing

Whether you've written your first novel, have taken photos for an event, or need artwork for your mixtape, Madasa Media is here to provide the tools you need to help sculpt your work into a true work of art!

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